Quiona Dosa and Uttapam

Check out Quinoa dosa and uttapam/vegetable pancake recipe. It is healthy, tasty and ideal for everyone including kids and people on diet. It is packed with protein and dietary fibers.

Coriander Multi-flour Paratha

A delicious and healthy crispy paratha with strong flavor of coriander. It is made using seven different flour such as wheat, finger millet, pearl millet, corn, barley, sorghum, bengal gram. It is loaded with nutrients and best for all including kids.

Chickpeas and Kidney beans quinoa salad

A quinoa salad with kidney beans and chickpeas. It is easy salad recipe with all healthy ingredients. Addition of coriander, parsley, mint leaves and lemon gives it a very tangy and refreshing flavor.

Falafel with hummus recipe

Falafel with hummus and Tahini sauce recipe. Strong flavor of Falafel balances well with subtle and nutty flavor of hummus sauce. This recipe requires more time, but it is worth to give a try.

Instant Multi-flour Uttapam

Check out mixed flour uttapam made with whole oats, finger millet and wheat flour with vegetables. It is healthy and ideal for kids with good amount of protein, dietary fibers, minerals, etc.

Thai Green Curry Recipe

Green Thai curry recipe is prepared from scratch including coconut milk and green curry paste. It is fresher and purer than market-ready curry paste. It is easy to make once you get all related ingredients. It is healthy, refreshing and very flavorful.

Simple Vanilla Cake

Check out simple vanilla cake recipe made with an authentic vanilla pod, very less butter, olive oil, wheat and oat flour, eggs. It is freshly baked at home, without using any enhancers or raising agents, which makes ideal for kids.

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