Nutritious Multiseed Bar(Chiki)

Nowadays, we can see that people are getting inclined towards healthy eating. And one of the most healthy food that should be included in the diet is considered as the seeds such as Chia seeds, Pumpkin seeds, etc. But those, who are foodie don’t find such food exciting.

Multiseed bar(chiki) in jaggery

So to make it interesting, I made Chiki using different seeds, which will give you nutrition along with taste.

Prep time: 10 min

Cook time: 10 min

Serves: Around 10 pieces


1/4 cup Chia seeds

1/4 cup Sesame seeds

1/4 cup watermelon seeds

1/4 cup flax seeds

1/4 cup sunflower seeds

1/4 cup pumpkin seeds

1/2 cup jaggery. (I have used organic jaggery which is dark brown in color and soft)

2 teaspoon of clarified butter(ghee)

Preparation method:

Take different types of seeds in equal amount and mix with each other.

IMG_20180905_181435 IMG_20180905_181625

Take a pan, add 2 teaspoons of clarified butter to it and Jaggery. Constantly stir it, till jaggery is completely melted and start bubbling.

IMG_20180905_181909       IMG_20180905_182437

Take the pan off the flame and add seeds mixture to it with fast mixing.


Before pouring into a plate, grease the plate with few drops of ghee.


Pour the mixture into the plate and pat it evenly with help of a wet hand. Let it cool for 5 min, cut entire mixture into an equal square and remove it using a spatula.


Moreover, you can also make round balls or ladoo. It should be rolled immediately while the mixture is hot. Use wet hands to roll it.



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