Veg Seekh Kebab

Veg Seekh Kebab recipe prepared with healthy ingredients like carrots, cauliflower, sweet potato, coriander and cottage cheese. It is hot and mouth-watering serves well with green coriander and mint chutney. The recipe is less time consuming, and worth to try.


Sindhi Kadhi with Lentils.

Sindhi Kadhi come Dal made using Pigeon lentils and Bengal gram lentils instead of gram flour. It is spicy, flavorsome and wholesome food recipe loaded with a bundle of vegetables. Goes well with rice.

Protein Packed Kidney Bean Salad

Try out this colorful and protein, vitamins rich salad; Kidney beans, cottage cheese and loads of vegetables with lemon, olive oil and honey based salad dressing. Good for weight control.

Vegetable Dalia Khichdi Recipe

A healthy, yet mouthwatering Dalia/cracked wheat Khichdi prepared with several vegetables and spices. People on diet, who craves for Khichdi but skips to have because of rice can try this recipe. It will definitely satiate your tummy.

Healthy Chickpeas(Chole Chana) Paratha

A healthy chickpeas paratha recipe prepared using very less ingredients but is mouthwatering and will crave for more and more. It is a wholesome recipe and can be made for any meal.

Suji ke laddu.

Happy Ganesha Chaturthi to all. Suji ke laddu made with major portion of semolina and a small amount of wheat flour is one of the Indian sweets, prepared and enjoyed on several festivals. You too enjoy making it on the eve of Ganesh Chaturthi.

Kothimbir Vadi Recipe

A spicy and flavorsome Maharashtrian dish Kothimbir Vadi is made with Bengal gram, Maize flour and lots of coriander. Since it is steam-cook, it is a healthy dish, yet tasty thus satiates your palette as well as tummy.

Grilled Paneer and Vegetables.

Try this restaurant-style grilled paneer and vegetables. Marinated in curd and spices based marination, this grilled paneer recipe is spicy and mouthwatering. Superb starter to serve your guest.

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