Mix Vegetable Paneer Sabji

Check out Mix vegetable paneer sabji made in the most possible healthy way. Prepared using green peas, bell peppers, cottage cheese, and whole spices, this paneer dish will be the treat to your palate.

Lemon Zucchini Pasta/Lemony Courgette

Check out Jamie Oliver's style made Lemony Courgette or lemon zucchini pasta. It is not so spicy, but very flavorful with refreshing aroma-flavor of mint leaves, Lemon zest, and Lemon Juice. It was worth trying.

Chickpeas and Kidney beans quinoa salad

A quinoa salad with kidney beans and chickpeas. It is easy salad recipe with all healthy ingredients. Addition of coriander, parsley, mint leaves and lemon gives it a very tangy and refreshing flavor.

Falafel with hummus recipe

Falafel with hummus and Tahini sauce recipe. Strong flavor of Falafel balances well with subtle and nutty flavor of hummus sauce. This recipe requires more time, but it is worth to give a try.

Thai Green Curry Recipe

Green Thai curry recipe is prepared from scratch including coconut milk and green curry paste. It is fresher and purer than market-ready curry paste. It is easy to make once you get all related ingredients. It is healthy, refreshing and very flavorful.

Mexican Tacos from scratch

Check out my style Mexican tacos recipe entirely made at home that is from tortilla, salsa sauce, kidney beans and vegetable fillings. It is fresh, healthy and tasty, so try it once.

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