Kids friendly white sauce pasta.

White sauce for pasta preparation is also known as Bechamel sauce. Traditionally, it is prepared using butter, refined flour, whole milk and lots of cheese. Thus it considered as the high-fat food.

So to make it a low-fat pasta and healthy, I prepared sauce using olive oil, wheat flour, less fat milk and a small amount of cheese. You can even make without cheese. Moreover, if you want gluten-free white sauce, then go for Ragi(finger millet) flour instead of wheat flour. Tastewise, you will not feel any difference, in fact, It tastes better than wheat-based sauce. It is best for kids. You can make it with or without vegetables.

Prep time:  10 M

Cook time: 15 M

Serves: 1

For white sauce preparation


2 tsp of wheat or ragi(Finger millet) flour

4 tsp of olive oil

1/4 cup of milk( quantity may vary if you want it to be more saucy)

2 tsp of grated cheddar cheese(you can add less or more as per you requirement)

1/2 tsp of chili flakes

1/2 tsp of herbs

Left over pasta water as per the requirement

Salt to taste

White sauce preparation method:

Put olive oil in a pan and let it heat at low flame.

Then add chili flakes, mix Italian herbs and saute it.

Add wheat flour to it, stir it continuously and cook it till flour mixes properly with oil and starts bubbling.

Later add milk and whisk it continuously to remove flour stick on the bottom of the pan and to avoid lumps formation.

Once it is mixed properly, add cheese to it and keep on stirring.

The sauce will start getting thick. You can adjust its thickness as per your requirement by adding milk or leftover pasta water to it. ( If you want more saucy pasta, then add more milk than mentioned amount and keep on stirring).

Put it aside.

For final pasta assemble:


1 cup Farfalle pasta( You can use any kind of pasta as your wish)

1/4 cup mix of yellow and green zucchini

3/4 cup mix of yellow, green, and red bell pepper

1/4 cup of broccoli

White sauce

3 tsp of olive oil

1 tsp of olives for garnishing.

Preparation method:

How to boil pasta?

For boiling pasta please check

Cooking vegetables:

Take oil in a pan and let it heat at low flame.

Add all sliced vegetables, sprinkle little salt and saute it.

Cover the lid and let it cook for 5-7 minutes or till all veggies get soften (Don’t overcook it).

Final pasta assemble.

Once vegetables are cooked and boiled pasta are ready, add both to the white sauce. Add salt as per taste, a dash of sugar if you want.

Mix it well and serve hot.

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