Healthy Vegetable Juice

This is the juice, which is regularly prepared by my husband. From around 6 years, we are regularly having it in the morning on every alternate day. It contains Spinach, Beetroot, Carrot, and Apple. Addition of Lemon and Ginger enhances its taste and also keeps cold at bay. Made with all antioxidant and nutrient-rich ingredients, this fresh raw vegetable juice provides lots of health benefits. If you skip breakfast, then one glass of this juice can keep you filling for almost 2-3 hours. Moreover, this healthy juice proves best for the anemic people because of high iron content in spinach and Beetroot.

Prep time: 20 min

Serves: 2 glass

Healthy Raw Vegetable juice


250 grams of spinach

2 large carrots

1 large size beetroot

1 Apple

1/2 piece of lemon

1 small piece of ginger

Preparation method: 

Take Spinach bunch and de-stem each and every leaf. Put it in the large bowl and wash it with your hands under tap water. Allow it to sit in water for 5 min and then take out the leaves to another container. Change water and repeat the same process for 2-3 times till you assured that no dirt is left.

Note: Spinach is laden with a lot of dirt and so it becomes very important to wash it properly.

Next wash Beet root and Carrots and peel them.

Wash apple and cut it in to half. No need to peel it.

Note: I suggest to remove wax from apple’s surface by scrubbing it with a knife before washing.

Then put all ingredients one by one in the juicer and collect the juice. Add ginger in the middle of Spinach so that it gets crushed properly.

Squeeze 1/2 piece of lemon to it, mix it properly and enjoy your everyday energy booster juice.

Brain booster juice

You can also add other vegetables like cucumber and tomatoes to it.

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