Raw Mango Mint Drink and Popsicles

This Raw Mango Mint Drink is my mom’s recipe. Since it’s a mango season here in India and summer is on the peak with the temperature reaching around 46°C, there are increased chances of the heat stroke. So, I decided to post this raw mango mint drink, which helps to keep the heat stroke at bay. I have also prepared popsicles for my kid. Made with raw mango, mint, cumin powder and sugar, it tastes superb with a sweet and sour flavor.

Prep time: 15M

Cook time: No cooking

Serves: 10-12 glasses.


5 small or 200 gms peeled and deseeded raw mango

(You can use any variety of raw mango, but Rajapuri mango will give the tangiest flavor).

1 cup or 120 gm powdered sugar (This may vary as per the variety of mango or can be adjusted in the drink as per your taste.

2 tsp of cumin powder

1/4 cup Mint leaves

Pepper to taste

Salt to taste

Preparation method

Raw mangoes

Take 4-5 mangoes, peel and chop it into pieces. Transfer all those pieces into the mixing bowl.

Ingredients for mango drink

On top of mango, add cumin powder, mint leaves and sugar to it.

Sprinkle salt to taste and blend the mixture till you get a paste-like consistency (You can store pulp for a long time in the deep-freeze and can instantly prepare drink or popsicles when needed).

Mango mint pulp

For Mango drink preparation:

For making Mango drink, take around 1 and 1/2 tbsp of the above pulp in a glass and add chill water or ice to it. (If you want a strong flavor of mint, you can add few more mint leaves to it.

Enjoy cool and refreshing mango mint drink this summer.

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Raw mango mint drink and popsicles
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