Vanilla Ice Cream

This is my first attempt to make ice-cream and it turned out well. It is purely made with whole milk, fresh cream and sugar without condensed milk. unlike other market ice-cream who are made with so many harmful ingredients like milk solids, permitted emulsifier, stabilizer, raising agents, synthetic food colors, etc. It is really not good for children and it includes all brands except a few. So go for homemade ice-cream. I made candy just for my kid, otherwise can make it in the airtight box.


500 ml whole fat milk ( Amul gold)

500 ml fresh cream ( 2 packet Amul fresh cream)

1/2 cup sugar ( you can add 2 tbsp extra sugar, if you want little sweet)

1/2 tbsp vanilla extract ( you can also add 1/2 pod of original vanilla)

Preparation method:

Pour one bag of milk in a pot and add sugar to it.

Bring it to boil with continuous stirring at low flame. And after boiling, let it heat for more 10 minutes

Once the milk is boiled, let it cool down slightly.

Then, add both packet of fresh cream into the above mixture.

Add vanilla to it and whip it with the electric hand blender or electric beater for 10-12 with small breaks.

Put the above mixture into refrigerator and for every half an hour, take it out and beat it again. Repeat the steps for 3- 4 times.

Later pour the mixture into the candy mold and let it freeze for around 12 hours.

The best time is to make in the afternoon and enjoy it next day.

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