Puran Poli/Vedmi

Happy Dussehra or Happy Vijayadashami to all.

In Maharashtra, as a tradition, people make Puran Poli/Vedmi on today’s eve of Dusshera. But since I am from Gujarat but living in Pune, Maharashtra, I made Puran Poli in a Gujarati style using pigeon lentils/toor dal and sugar instead of Bengal gram lentils and Jaggery. In Gujarati, it is known as Vedmi and there is no such special occasion to make it. It is enjoyed anytime in a year.

Prep time: 1 hour

Cook time: 20 min(Varies)

Serves: 3

Puran Poli/Vedmi


For Puran/vedmi stuff

1 and 1/2 cup Pigeon lentils/Toor dal

1/2 cup + 9 tbsp granulated sugar

1 tsp cardamom powder

3 cup water

2 tbsp clarified butter/ghee

For Poli/Roti dough

2 cup whole wheat flour

1 tbsp oil

Pinch of salt

Water as per the requirement

Preparation method:

For Puran/Stuff

Take lentils in a pressure cooker, rinse it well twice and adding drinking water to it, pressure cook for 2 whistles at low flame.

Once the dal is cooked properly, mash it with the back of the spoon. You can also blender if you want. The mixture should be a smooth paste-like consistency.

Place a pan on slow flame with clarified butter into it and add the above mixture into the pan.

Mix the mixture well to blend it well with ghee/clarified butter.

If water is left in your boiled Dal, first cook it to get rid of it and if the mixture is dry free of water, then directly add sugar to it.

Let the mixture cook with continuous stirring till it becomes thick and your spatula stand in the middle of the Puran without falling as shown in the below picture

Turn off the flame, add cardamom powder and give it a toss.

Transfer Puran into the plate to cool down before you start making Puran Poli of it.

For Poli/Roti dough

By the time, Puran cool down, prepare dough for poli.

Take whole wheat flour in a bowl, add oil and pinch of salt to it.

Mix the flour mixture with your hand and gradually add water while continually kneading it. The dough’s texture should be like roti, soft and non-sticky.

It will be better if you rest it for 10-15 minutes covering the lid.

For Puran Poli/Vedmi.

Make a medium size ball of the dough, dust with flour and roll with rolling pin to make a circle.

Place a small amount of Puran mixture in the middle and bring the edges of circle to the center. Next holding together, pinch and flattened them.

Dust with flour and again roll with the rolling pin to make a circle.

Transfer to the heated pan and roast it until slight brown spots are visible.

Turn over and again cook till you get light brown spots.

Apply ghee and roast it from both sides pressing a spatula on it to get a brownish spots.

Prepare rest Puran Polis or vedmi in the same way and enjoy it hot.

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