Seviyan Kheer/Sweet Vermicelli Recipe

Seviyan Kheer recipe is the dessert prepared on several occasions and festivals in India. It is a rich and flavorful dish prepared with wheat-made vermicelli, ghee, whole-milk, and dry fruits. The addition of saffron and cardamom to it takes the taste and aroma of the dish to the next level. I have used a good amount of ghee but if you are health conscious, go for half the quantity of ghee.

Seviyan kheer


2 cups Vermicelli

5 tbsp Ghee/clarified butter

5 cup milk or as per the thickness you require

3/4 cup sugar

8-10 Cashew nuts

8-10 almonds

15-16 small or large pistachios

15-16 raisins

1/4 tsp saffron/kesar

1/3 tsp cardamom

How to make Seviyan Kheer

Take the required quantity of dry fruits. You can increase or decrease the amount of each dry fruit as per your taste.

Chop them into large pieces or slice them as per your choice.

Take gee into a pan and let it heat on a low flame.

Transfer chopped dry fruits into it and sauté them for around 1 minute or till it releases the aroma.

Add vermicelli into it and roast with gentle stirring till it turns brown. Make sure to keep the flame low.

By the time, vermicelli is cooking, boil milk in another vessel adding saffron/kesar in it.

Once the vermicelli is done, add boiled milk into it.

With continuous stirring, simmer the mixture till vermicelli softens.

Finally, add sugar, cardamom powder to it and cook till you get the consistency you needed.

You can add milk later if the mixture turns thick and bring it to boil once again.

Pour it into the bowl and garnish with dry fruit powder to enjoy hot and mouth-watering Seviyan Kheer.

Seviyan kheer recipe
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