Simple Vanilla Cake

Check out simple vanilla cake recipe made with an authentic vanilla pod, very less butter, olive oil, wheat and oat flour, eggs. It is freshly baked at home, without using any enhancers or raising agents, which makes ideal for kids.

Kids friendly white sauce pasta.

Check out kids friendly white sauce pasta recipe made with wheat and Ragi(Finger millet) based sauce. Moreover instead of butter, high-fat milk and lots of cheese, it is made with olive oil, low-fat milk, very less cheese. Feed your kid this fresh homemade pasta. They will love it.

Healthy Homemade Granola bar

This Granola bar / Energy bar are made using jaggery instead of sugar. It is healthy made with oats, nuts, dates and raisins. You can curb your cravings for sweet by having something healthy and also best for kids.

Nutritious Multiseed Bar(Chiki)

This Protein, minerals, omega-3, omega-6 and vitamins loaded Multi-seed bar also known as Chiki in india is made in Jaggery than in sugar. Consuming everyday in small amount will keep you more fit.

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