Lemon Rice Recipe

Simple lemon rice with an extra amount of lemon, strong flavor of ginger and crunch of peanuts and Bengal gram seeds. Ideal for breakfast and Kid's lunch box.


Healthy Vegetable Burger

The healthy vegetable burger patty made with oats and lots of vegetables. Moreover, it is no mayonnaise burger and replaced with greek yogurt based dip. Thus, good for diet people and kids too.

Vanilla Ice Cream

Homemade vanilla ice-cream without condensed milk. It is prepared with safe ingredients without any gelatin or artificial ingredients. Though it is high fat, it is surely safe and pure for kids and all.

Spinach Pesto Pasta Recipe

Spinach pasta made with spinach pesto and wheat based white sauce with no added high fat cheese or butter, but olive oil. It is healthy, yet tasty with flavor of spinach and nutty crunch of garlic and walnuts.

Oats Chocolate muffins

Very less sweet and chocolaty muffins made using oats and wheat flour with less sugar and butter. It's a perfect dessert that one can enjoy without any guilt. It is healthy and pure than market-ready, which makes ideal for kids too.

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